Patrick couldn’t do anything without drugs

Patrick couldn’t do anything without alcohol or drugs. He ended up in prison regularly and was on the streets in Tel Aviv for seven years. In a Messianic rehabilitation centre he discovered that Yeshua is his Jewish Messiah. God found him and changed his heart.

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Julius Paul Bloch was determined to be a good Jew (1816-1900)

Julius Paul Bloch good JewOn April 16th 1816 Simon and Zipporah Bloch became the proud parents of a son: Julius Paul. The orthodox Jewish couple had all the more reason to be proud of their son. Already before his Bar Mitzvah (13-years old) he had gained a thorough knowledge of the Talmud.

Pelting missionaries

In his fourteenth year he became an apprentice to a furrier and thus earned his living. It was in this time, that he first heard about Christian-missionaries. When they visited Jutroschin (in Prussia)– a stronghold of Judaism – , Julius was one of the first to pelt them with stones. Such goyim were not welcome in his town!
As a skilled furrier he found employment with a Mr. Albert, a respectable furrier and … Christian. The young Bloch tried to turn a deaf ear to the peace and quiet that he noticed in the family of his employer. Julius was going downhill. He was lonely and unhappy, couldn’t say the Hebrew prayers anymore as before and didn’t find consolation in the Jewish ceremonies of his youth.
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John Moses Eppstein, studying the Talmud was his passion (1827-1903)

John Moses Eppstein studying the TalmudJohn Moses was born as the son of the Prussian couple Levi. Soon after his birth his father died. The young widow Levi was supported in the upbringing by her father: rabbi Benjamin Eppstein. When Moses was nine year old, he left with his grandpa to Jerusalem. The old rabbi adopted him as his son and gave him his name: Eppstein.

Study of the Talmud

Learning Hebrew and studying the Talmud were his passion. Several of his friends came to believe in Jesus Christ. At first the effect was that he became more fanatic. At the age of sixteen years Moses even went about with a dagger, determined to kill his cousin Lauria. Also Lauria, who was a rabbi, received Jesus Christ as his Saviour. God used him to get Moses read the Prophets and eventually also the New Testament.
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