Betty Moscoviter: Jesus delivered me from hate

Betty MoscoviterBetty lost most of her family in the Holocaust and was full of hate. When she was 27 years old she came to know Jesus who delivered her from this.

How I lost everything

I was only three years old when my parents handed me, my brother and my sister, just in time, to members of the underground. My parents and the rest of my family were deported. For security reasons they separated my brother and me. I lodged in Treebeek (Limburg) but when I got scarlet fever I was put up in another family and I ended up in a Christian family. Out of respect for my Jewish parents, who might be orthodox, they didn’t take me to church. As soon as the war was over, they reasoned, then my family would still be alive and I could grow up further according to my Jewish roots. However, in total 73 of my family members died in the Holocaust, amongst them was my mother.

How hate filled my heart

After the war my father, brother and sister suddenly turned up on our doorstep but they were total strangers to me. I considered my foster parents as my real parents. During the war my father got acquainted with a woman from the underground, whom he later married. The safe family from before the war was broken. My “new” mother was terrible and later it appeared that she was involved in occult practices.
During my teenage years things were getting so bad that I thought about ending my life. Growing older, the hate filled my heart more and more. It obsessed me so much that sometimes I started looking for the traitors of my family with a pair of scissors in my bag. These were delusions, but they dominated my life so much that I got heart and stomach aches.
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Written testimony

Valodja, I lived for money

ShekelRussian born Valodja was raised under communism. He lived for money and led a luxurious life. When he ended up in prison by taking risks, he got addicted to alcohol and drugs. He managed to break the addiction to these, but his life was empty. He moved to Israel and discovered that he had to choose between belief in Jesus Christ and money…

Who is God?

As a little child I often heard people say, “Slava Bogoe!” that means, “Praise the Lord!” I asked my older sister, “Who is God?” She answered, “He lives in heaven.” I couldn’t understand how that was possible as in school we learned that there was no God. The cosmonauts hadn’t seen Him during their space travels!

We were poor, as most of the Soviets were, but I could learn well and my parents wanted me to go on studying, so that I would do better. However, I had to do military service first and there we learned that we had to be honest and brave soldiers to be able to protect the USSR against our enemies, the imperialists of the West.
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Written testimony

Simon Elman, Jesus redeemed me from my sin

Simon Elman struggled with questions about the suffering he saw already early in his life. In his search for answers he learned that sin is personal and that Jesus is the promised Messiah who came to take upon Himself the punishment for our sin.

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