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Stan Telchin, ‘Betrayed’ (1924-2012)

My parents fled from Russia to America in the early 1900s to get away from the pogroms. In 1924 I was born and I began to learn about Jewish ghetto life from early childhood. One day I was called a ‘Christ killer’. I didn’t know what that meant, but it was the hatred in the […]

Robert B. Greenberg, ‘The universal sacrifice’ (1941-2003)

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1941, into an orthodox Jewish family. My heritage is a long line of Russian rabbis and cantors on my mother’s side, and Levites on my father’s side. I attended Talmud-Torah for five years and learned Hebrew, Chumash (the five books of Moses) and the teachings of Rabbinic […]

Lisette Hutton: Peace for tired hearts

Lisette Hutton-Orscher was completely broken after the Holocaust, but she has experienced that the Lord Jesus has given her everything she needed. She knew that because of that she could understand others and help them to find peace for their tired hearts. In this testimony she would like to show the grace of God and […]

Isaac Ostrovsky, ‘This book is ours!’

Isaac Solomon Ostrovsky was born in 1902 in Tagancha, a town not far from Kiev in Ukraine. He grew up in a traditional Jewish family, was eager to learn at school and was among the best pupils. After 1917 however, anti-Semitism had risen to gruesome proportions. He survived the pogroms, but saw, as a teenager, […]

Rose Price, ‘That Jew died for you’

Rose Price, one of the few of her family, survived the hell of the concentration camps of the Second World War. Every time she was beaten, the guard told her, “Jesus told us to hit you. Jesus hates you.” This brought her to the conclusion that it was Jesus who murdered her family, but when […]