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Rose Price, ‘That Jew died for you’

Rose Price, one of the few of her family, survived the hell of the concentration camps of the Second World War. Every time she was beaten, the guard told her, “Jesus told us to hit you. Jesus hates you.” This brought her to the conclusion that it was Jesus who murdered her family, but when […]

Chaim Gurland, from darkness to light (1831-1905)

Rabbi Gurland wrote: “I have lived in two entirely different worlds, first as a Jew, and then as a Christian; first in a limited world of doubt and superstition under the fearful curse of the law; then, by the grace of God, I penetrated from darkness to light, from death to life. Since that time […]

Rabbi Chil Slostovsky found a spring of fresh, cool water

Rabbi Chil Slostovsky admonished his students to abhor Jesus. Yet when he started to read the New Testament, he felt like a thirsty man who drinks greedily when he has found a spring of fresh, cool water. Terrible stories in the Talmud As a descendant of a number of orthodox rabbis, I received a strict […]

Joseph Zalman found his Saviour (1860-1924)

The Russian born Joseph Zalman fled to the west and waited in Amsterdam for a ship to America. He ended up in a meeting where the Name of Jesus was mentioned. He was outraged, but also fascinated. In time he discovered, in a miraculous way, that He also is his personal Saviour. Pogrom Joseph Zalman […]

Louis Kinsbergen, ‘Apprehended by the Gospel’

Belgian born Louis Kinsbergen was one of the few members of his family that survived the Second World War. As a child he went into hiding in different places. Finally he ended up in a loving God-fearing family, where he was apprehended by the Gospel. In remembrance and as a warning It is 16 September […]

Alfred Edersheim, surprised by the teachings of Rabbi Yeshua (1825-1889)

Alfred Edersheim was born in Vienna, March 7, 1825 in a well-to-do family. He grew up in the highest Jewish circles in Vienna. He spoke Latin fluently and knew Greek, German, French, Hebrew, Hungarian and Italian. In 1847 he went to study in Budapest. His mentor introduced him to several English speaking Christian leaders in […]

Paul Fodor, ‘I am free’

I have no words to describe the misery of the Holocaust and the suffering of the generation that has gone through the Second World War. No word is able to soften the painful memory in the slightest way. That is why I would like to speak about an experience that is more wonderful than I, […]

Alexei, ‘The real meaning of life’

Alexei was harassed a lot as the only Jewish child in his class. He became disillusioned with people, addicted to drugs and asked himself what he lived for. He ended living on the street and eventually became so desperate that he wanted to jump off a building. Then his life took a turn… One against […]

Paul Liberman, ‘How the Lord led my life’

As a child, Paul Liberman was deeply touched by the words from Psalm 118:22 ‘The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.’ “What or Who can be this Stone?” Paul wondered, “Is it that Jesus of Nazareth against whom the rabbi warns us so much?” No satisfying answer I […]