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Ceil Rosen, ‘If I have to choose between God or you’

Raised in a strict orthodox Jewish family, Ceil didn’t want to live under the law any longer and she turned her back on religion. Just then things started to change. My orthodox foster family My twin brother and I were born to Jewish parents in Boston. Our mother died when we were less than a […]

Susan Perlman, ‘My life forever changed’

Susan Perlman is one of the founders of and assistant to the Executive Director of the American Jews for Jesus and oversees the organisation’s multimedia outreach. She is the creator of many of the ministry’s dramatic presentations and is writer and editor of numerous publications and articles. She grew up in a traditional Jewish family, […]

Karl DeSouza, a Jew from Pakistan found Jesus

“There are Jews in Pakistan?!?” This is the common reaction I get when I tell people I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. My father, a Catholic, was of Goan origin (Goa is a western province of India), and my mother comes from the Bene-Israel Jewish community in India/Pakistan. We moved to Quebec, Canada when I […]

Valodja, ‘I lived for money’

Russian born Valodja was raised under communism. He lived for money and led a luxurious life. When he ended up in prison by taking risks, he got addicted to alcohol and drugs. He managed to break the addiction to these, but his life was empty. He moved to Israel and discovered that he had to […]

Nathan Scharf, ‘I came to Jesus as a sinner’

Nathan Scharf had a hunger for God that could not be satisfied. In spite of the prosperity in his life, he got addicted to alcohol. At his lowest point he felt so miserable that he felt a desire to commit suicide. Then an old question came up “Wouldn’t you give Him a chance?” He found […]

Sara Rabinowitz prayed to God in her despair

In 1923 Russian born Sara Rabinowitz moved to Central America. After she lost her only son, her grief was great. Then she heard in a talk on the radio that Jesus is a gift of love from God, who came to bring salvation and eternal life. She could hardly believe this. In her despair she […]

Silla, ‘I was absolutely not allowed to read that Book!’

I was raised according to the Jewish traditions. I was absolutely not allowed to touch the New Testament. But when I heard that Jesus was a Jew, I started to read the book. I saw that the two belonged together and only then could understand the Tanakh. Raised according to the Jewish traditions My parents […]