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Rose Warmer brought the Word of God in Auschwitz

Before the start of the Holocaust, Jewish born Rose Warmer found her Messiah. When her people were being deported, she longed to go with them. She handed herself in, was transported to Auschwitz and brought the people there the Word of God. Rising anti-Semitism Rose was born in a well-to-do Jewish family in Hungary. She […]

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein, ‘I love Yeshua my Messiah’ (1824-1909)

How dare you? Isaac Lichtenstein was not quite twenty years old when he became a rabbi. After officiating for several years in different communities in northern Hungary, he finally settled in Tápiószele. There he served the local Jewish community for nearly forty years. Early in his career, a Jewish teacher in the communal school of […]

Meijer, a Jewish boy who believed in Jesus

C.W.H. Wedekind speaks about his friendship with his Jewish friend, Meijer Korper in the time just before the Second World War. Jewish neighbours We lived in the centre of Amsterdam, close to the harbour. At that time many houses were empty and for rent, including in our street, the Lijndenstraat. I was eleven years old […]

Zvi Kalisher, ‘Was it God who was with us?’

Henryk (later Zvi) Weichert was ten years old when the Germans invaded Poland in 1939. His mother brought him to an orphanage. With his fair hair and blue eyes nobody saw that this sturdy boy was Jewish and so he had a greater chance to survive. As she was leaving she told him, “Be strong […]

Meno Kalisher searches the truth about Jesus

Meno was born into a Jewish family of believers in Jesus, at a time when there were just a handful of Messianic believers in all of Israel. His father, Zvi Kalisher, was a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust and after the war he left for Israel and years later he found there his Messiah. Zvi […]