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Julius Paul Bloch was determined to be a good Jew (1816-1900)

On April 16th 1816 Simon and Zipporah Bloch became the proud parents of a son, Julius Paul. The orthodox Jewish couple had a reason to be so proud of their son, even before his Bar Mitzvah (13-years old) he had gained a thorough knowledge of the Talmud. Pelting missionaries When he was fourteen, he became […]

John Henry Brühl studied the book Isaiah (1823-1893)

To the sorrow of father and mother Brühl, their son John never became a rabbi. John chose to be a schoolmaster. Eventually his enormous knowledge of languages, his love for history and his talent in mathematics were very helpful when he became a missionary. Exceptionally intelligent Very early on, his orthodox Jewish parents noticed that […]

Ridley Hayim Hershell, ‘Blessed are they that mourn’ (1807-1864)

A wrapping paper can change your life totally. That is what Ridley Hayim Herschell experienced personally. Confirmation to the world He was born in 1807 in Poznan (Poland) and had a strictly orthodox Jewish upbringing. When he was only fourteen years old, he studied to become a rabbi. He studied the Scriptures very seriously and […]

Leopold Cohn, the quest of a young rabbi (1862-1937)

Leopold Cohn was a promising young rabbi, who was willing to give up everything for the sake of the truth. He was a great scholar and preacher, a faithful shepherd and a zealous missionary. A promising young rabbi In 1869, Leopold was orphaned at the young age of seven and had to learn to take […]

Abraham Capadose, ‘I wait for Thy salvation, o Lord!’ (1795–1874)

As a young boy of nine years old, he faithfully said his daily prayers, which he always finished off with the words, “I wait for Thy salvation, O Lord!” Worldly education By the so-called ‘middle class equalisation’ in 1796, the Jews in Holland received equal rights. The social status of many Jews improved considerably with […]