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Marcus S. Bergmann, a Chassidic Jew receives eternal life (1846–1923)

The best night of Marcus Bergmann’s life was spent in a prison cell. Although he was there because his Jewish brothers falsely accused him, he had peace in his heart. They thought they could lead Marcus from his ‘wrong track’. He had received the ‘Crucified’! Chassidic upbringing Marcus Bergmann was born in the town of […]

Carl Flesch survived the persecution of Jews in Hungary

,“How did you find Yeshua?” a pastor of a church asked me recently. My answer was, “I didn’t find Him, because I never searched for Him. He found me.” During 2000 year church history there have always been Messianic Jews, Jews who believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah, the suffering Servant of the Lord […]

Naftali from the Chabad is looking for forgiveness of sins

Naftali ben Avraham, an orthodox Jew from the Chabad, often asked his rabbi: ‘how can God forgive sins?’ The rabbi had no satisfactory answer. By studying the Word of God in the Old and New Testament he discovers that when we confess our sin, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sin.

Bob Mendelssohn attended synagogue four times a week

As a teenager Bob Mendelssohn, an orthodox Jew, attended synagogue four times a week. He aimed to do Judaism perfectly. Yet he wasn’t really happy and was looking for deeper meaning. He discovered that Jesus is a man of grace and love and accepted him as his Saviour.