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Rivkah, ‘I found the Jewish Messiah in communistic Romania’

Rivka is raised in a traditional Jewish family in Romania. At that time Romania is a communistic country. Despite the lack of freedom of religion in Romania and the opposition of her parents, Rivka finds the Jewish Messiah. Her family then immigrates to Israel. They think that there her believe will pass away. In Israel […]

Benjamin, a Jewish pianist who found peace in Jesus

Retired CWI Field Worker David Bond recently interviewed Benjamin Hersch, a Jewish pianist, composer and evangelist, at a Jewish Awareness Day held at Kensit Evangelical Church. Ben shared how coming to faith in Jesus has changed his life and gave an insight into the impact it has had on him as a Jewish person. Tell […]

Jack Sternberg, a Jewish doctor meets the great Physician

Jewish doctor, Dr. Sternberg, is a diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine and is board certified in Medical Oncology. He practices in Little Rock, Arkansas. Just because we were Jewish My parents were not ‘religious’. My father did not appear to believe in God and had little patience for religious institutions. Nevertheless, when […]

Daniel Rozen, ‘God revealed Himself on the road to Jerusalem’

Daniel grew up with hatred and pain because of what the Germans had done to his family during the Holocaust. He couldn’t understand the New Testament, but God intervened in a special way. Watch his testimony: “God revealed Himself on the road to Jerusalem”. Subtitles from youtube video Shalom, blessing from Jerusalem. My name is […]

Michael Brown: from drug addict to a disciple of Yeshua

As a 15-year-old boy, Michael could do greater quantities of drugs than any of his friends. In an attempt to drag his friends out of the church, the love of the people and the message of the Gospel touch his heart. But how can a Jew believe in Jesus? Watch his testimony: “From drug addict […]