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Frieda Roos, Holocaust survivor found peace after World War II

Frieda Roos, a gifted opera singer with a bright future, becomes a haunted fugitive after the Nazi invasion in Holland. Almost her whole family was killed in concentration camps. By reading the Bible, she discovers that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and she finds peace and inner healing. Watch this testimony: “Frieda Roos, Holocaust […]

Dov Bikas, how a hippie discovered the love of God the Father

Dov’s father used to drink too much, trying to forget about his family members who perished during the Holocaust. Dov himself became a drug addict, but was set free after he came to know Yeshua as his Messiah. Watch this impressive testimony. “How a hippie discovered the love of God the Father”. Subtitles from youtube […]

Ephraim Ben Yosef Elyakim, a rabbi found rest (1856-1930)

Ephraim Ben Yosef Elyakim was born in Tiberias in 1856. His father was a rabbi in the old city and one of the leaders of the Arabic Jewish community. Ephraim followed in the footsteps of his father, became an enthusiastic student of the Bible and Torah and eventually he became a rabbi and dajan (a […]

Rabbi Loren Jacobs, Jesus made me kosher

Rabbi Loren Jacobs sensed as a student that something was missing from the Judaism to which he was exposed. He began to read the Bible, starting with the New Testament. While reading and praying, it became clear to him that Jesus is really the Jewish Messiah. Watch his testimony: “Rabbi Loren Jacobs, Jesus made me […]

Sam Rotman, raised in an orthodox Jewish family

I come from an orthodox Jewish family. My father was born in Romania and my mother was born in Slovakia. They separately fled Europe because of World War II, sensing their danger from the Nazis and met and married in South America where their first 2 children were born. In 1950, they were able to […]

Shaul, ‘I met the Messiah through a lie’

An interview with Shaul and Talya In a meeting, where Shaul even told a lie, Shaul came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. A while later his wife Talya also became a believer. Shaul was Talya’s second husband, her first husband was killed by his weapon when was serving in the army in Israel. […]

Gideon Levytam, ‘How I found the Messiah of Israel’

On May 14th, 1948, when David Ben-Gurion read a proclamation establishing Israel as a sovereign state, Jewish nationhood was revived after a lapse of almost 2,000 years. Exactly seven years later to the day, I was born in the city of Jerusalem. Much of my early childhood was spent under the guidance of my grandfather, […]