Dov Bikas, how a hippie discovered the love of God the Father

Dov’s father used to drink too much, trying to forget about his family members who perished during the Holocaust. Dov himself became a drug addict, but was set free after he came to know Yeshua as his Messiah. Watch this impressive testimony. “How a hippie discovered the love of God the Father”.

Subtitles from youtube video

The people in the Netherlands, they think that Israel is a holy land. But it’s not so holy. We are standing now in the middle of Tel Aviv. One of the most miserable places in Israel. There are lots of refuges, prostitutes, drug addicts. I want to show you this place, because 25 years ago a Dutchman John Pex, he shared the gospel with me. Without him I probably would end my life also here in this area. So you can say that Jesus really saved my life, also physically and also spiritually. Shalom. My name is Boris Dov Bikas, I am 52 years old. I was born in Lithuania, in the former Soviet Union. My background is very Jewish. My parents, you can call them Holocaust survivors. Most of the family of my father were killed by the Nazis. When I was 12 years old, we immigrated to Israel. My father was a Zionist. When we came to Israel, the life wasn’t easy for my parents. They worked long hours. Then I was growing up in the street with my friends. We start smoking cigarettes, using alcohol. Later also drugs like hashish. My idea of life was that just looking for fun, without doing anything. My thinking was completely mixed up, completely wrong. So I never really studied, I never worked. I was kind of a hippy. I went to the army for three years, when I was 21 I finished the army. I kept going on the same kind of life. Emptiness. I lived in Eilat when I was 25 years old, with my brother. And then one day I met a Dutchmen, his name is John Pex. He was telling me about his faith in Jesus. I liked him, he was a very nice guy. But in the atmosphere, I grew up, we used to hate gentiles and Christians, because of the Holocaust. I was really against the Bible. It’s interesting, I didn’t know that the Christian Bible is actually a translation of the Jewish TeNaCh. Most of the Israeli’s they don’t know it either. Most of the Israel’s they think that the Christian Bible it’s like the Quran. And there is a Christian youth hostel, John Pex is managing it, it’s called the Shelter. I start visiting the place, I liked the place. I liked the young guys, especially the believers. I could see that they were happy without drinking and smoking. I saw that they have some meaning in life. They had something I didn’t had those days. But still as a Jew it was very difficult for me. They invited me for Bible studies. Every day they had Bible studies there. When the Bible studies started to begin, I used to leave the place. One day on the shelve I found a book in Hebrew. I didn’t know, it was a book about Jesjoea. I thought it was just a story. I didn’t know this was actually the four Gospels in the modern language. I thought it was just a book, because I couldn’t hold the Bible in my hands. I remember, that once somebody gave me a Bible at the beach, I throw it to the garbage. So this book, I didn’t know it was the New Testament. I remember when I came to Matthew chapter 5, the Sermon on the Mount and I start reading it. First I understood that men like us couldn’t say such special words. I could see and feel that Jesus was something from above, someone very special. As I was reading the Sermon on the Mount, my life begin to change. First of all, I felt that I was loved. I think that this was missing in my whole life. I was specially touched when I was reading the words were Jesus called God His father. It was doing something in my heart when I understood that God is also my Father. And I also felt special peace in my heart, that I never had before. I was so depressed, I was even thinking to commit suicide. I was only 25 years old. And then I was reading and reading the same verses, chapters, I start to realize, that my life was changing in a super natural way. I just stopped smoking cigarettes, using alcohol and hashish. I think the change happed in one week. I used to wear very long hear, I looked like a hippy. I cut my hear, throughout all those clothes, where I was so proud off. Many many other good things happened in my life. At that time I really hate people. I only liked my friends, all the rest of the people I hated. After Jesus came into my life, I started to love other people. Also the relation with my parents changed completely.