Daniel Rozen, ‘God revealed Himself on the road to Jerusalem’

Daniel grew up with hatred and pain because of what the Germans had done to his family during the Holocaust. He couldn’t understand the New Testament, but God intervened in a special way. Watch his testimony: “God revealed Himself on the road to Jerusalem”.

Subtitles from youtube video

Shalom, blessing from Jerusalem. My name is Daniel Rozen and I want to share my testimony, my life. I am from a Holocaust survivor family, my grandma passed through the Holocaust. I grew up with very painful stories in my life. I remember the story of the day that they were travelling from Hamburg to Auschwitz. They were two weeks in the train with no water, no drink, many people died.
She was in the crematorium with two children and by a miracle she survived with my mom and her brother, her sister died. Like all the Jewish people in Israel, I grew up with unforgiveness and pain against the German people.

But 21 years ago my life would never be the same. In 1991 I worked with one brother from Holland, he was a nurse. He shared with me about Yeshua the Messiah and he invited me to a small congregation in Jerusalem, in Bethlehem Road. And one day I decided to visit. From that time I visit this congregation, it is like 30 people. They loved and welcomed me so much, but I didn’t understand the New Testament. I knew the Old Testament very well, because from my mother and father’s side, I am from the Rabbi family. We all knew the Old Testament and the book of prayers. But one day, I decided to read the New Testament, but I didn’t understand it very well. I tried, but it was very hard for me to understand the New Testament.

And very early in the morning, I was travelling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. When you go up to Jerusalem, you see the Judean hills. I saw a huge hand in a bus, and I heard a voice. The voice told me, “Everything what I create by sand and water, live or dead.” And I was so afraid. Very early in the morning I visited the congregation in Bethlehem Road. And waited till the pastor would come and I shared what happened with me. And he said to me, “Daniel, the Lord is calling you in an extraordinary way.” “You must repent.” But I felt, “Why do I need to repent? I’m a good person. I don’t take drugs or alcohol or other things. I’m a good person, I don’t need to repent.” And the pastor put his hand on my shoulder and started to pray. And I cried and asked God for forgiveness. “God forgive me for my eyes, they aren’t completely in holiness,” “and everything that I speak wasn’t totally pure and holy. And I live not in holiness before You.” And I asked forgiveness, “Lord forgive me, clean me, purify me.” I never prayed like this in my life. I felt the peace in my heart and from that time I never was the same.