Moran Rosenblit, I found the Messiah of Israel in America

Born and raised on a Kibbutz in Israel, Moran joins the IDF at the age of 19. A suicide attack causes the loss of twenty-two soldiers, several of whom were close friends of his. Moran leaves Israel. In the US he is challenged to read the Bible. Then he finds the book ‘Why me?’ by Jacob Damkani. Watch his testimony: “I found the Messiah of Israel in America”.

Subtitles from youtube video

Shalom, my name is Moran Rosenblit. I’m the founder and executive director of the ministry called ‘Hope for Israel’. Being the founder and executive director for ministry called ‘Hope for Israel’ is something very special for me. I was born here in Israel in a kibbutz. I lived there for the first part of 18 years of my life in a secular home not really believing in God, but believing in a lot of partying and freedom that the world has to offer and then I joined the Israeli army. Just like any other young men or woman when we are eighteen years old, it is mandatory for us to join the army. After I joined the army, a few months later I was assigned from one unit to another and a few friends of mine challenged me not to move to the new unit. The new unit meant that we are going to be in the frontline, that there will be danger for our lives. But I decided to move forward and to move to the new unit. The following week, on a Sunday, we were driving to the location of the new unit we heard that there was a suicide attack at the location where my old unit used to meet every Sunday. It’s a day I’ll never forget in my life. In the evening the names of those who have died started to come 21 soldiers and 1 civilian died in that attack and among those soldiers were also close friends, who have challenged me not to move to the new unit. That was a day that I have lost hope for life, that was a day I lost hope for this country, for Israel. Those friends died during the peace process, where our related Prime Minister Jitschak Rabin was willing to give up land for peace and having peace negotiations and we have lost many dear lives during that time, by terrorists, who want nothing but to see Israel being destroyed.

After when I finished the army, I moved back to my old life. My job was a disc jockey in nightclubs and a few months after I finished the army another close friend of mine died in the southern part of Lebanon, back in the days that Israel was still there. That was the day that I decided, “I’m going to leave this country.” I could not tolerate the pain anymore and I was tired of seeing that horrible thing called death all around me. So I left Israel and I found myself after a short stop in England in the U.S. In the U.S. I was invited to come and see a church and as a young Israeli man, I was really curious to see what the church is all about. What I knew of the church is that it is a boring place, with boring people. But more importantly, what I knew about Christians that it was Christians who have been doing what they have done in the Holocaust to the Jewish people, that the Nazi’s were Christians. That’s how I grew up with that knowledge. So when I arrived to the church, meeting nice people, very warm and loving people, was a big surprise for me. At one of the services the pastor was talking about personal relationship with God. And he made a statement that really made me angry. He said Jewish people think that they know God, but they don’t know God in a personal way. He was talking about a man named Jesus that said, “I am the way, the Truth, and the Life: and no one can come to the Father, but through Me.” And when I heard this statement, I thought that he was attacking the Jewish people and he was talking against us. So I went and asked, challenged the pastor at the end of the service asking him, “How can you talk about my people that way?” He asked me if I ever read the Old Testament? I told him, “Sometimes, when I was young.” He asked, “Have you ever read the New Testament?” I asked, “What is the New Testament?” I really didn’t know what the New Testament was all about. He told me, “Go home and read it and then come back and talk with me.” I went home very angry.

But before I share with you the rest of my testimony, I just want to encourage you with something. I personally don’t like the terms ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Testament. We believe in one Bible. Many prophecies have not been fulfilled yet. How can it be old? How can anyone say that he know the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, if they don’t read from Genesis 1 and don’t read the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I want to encourage all of you who see this, to really open the Bible and read from the book of Genesis and have a better understanding and knowledge of who that God is. Who it is the One that we believe in the one and only true God there is.
Back to my testimony, or to my story. I went back home and I was looking for something to read and I found a small book called “Why me?” It is a testimony of another Israeli guy, but I didn’t know that it was his testimony, that this is his story I just saw a book and want to read it and I liked the title “Why me?” So I started to read the book and the book is full with prophecies and the fulfillment of prophecies. At the end of reading the book, I just had no doubt that God is real and that Yeshua is indeed the promised Messiah of Israel and of the world. And I asked Him to forgive me for my sins and to come into my life.

And since then I started the most exciting journey that I could ever be on. God gave me a ministry called “Hope for Israel” and our main goal is to bring Yeshua, who you know as Jesus, back home, back to Israel. So that Jewish people will know who He is and will ask Him to come into their lives as well. We do it through making disciples. Yeshua said to go and make disciples of all nations to immerse them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And then He said one the most important things, but in many places this is being skipped. He said to teach them to obey everything that He has commanded. And that’s our main emphasis, to teach people to obey everything that He has commanded. And not to teach through what the Word says by empty lip service or empty words, but through our actions. To teach people how to apply Gods Word into their lives and to live and display the faith we believe in.

The people in Israel are tired of religion. They want something and what we can give them is that answer: We can give them faith. And faith is something that comes from the inside, outside and not something from the outside that stays outside. And that’s really what we do, we are making disciples here. We have humanitarian aid here, we are helping war victims. There are constant conflicts in the different parts of the land and we are helping those people who have been affected from the Israeli site by the war and when I say from the Israeli site, it doesn’t matter if they are Jews or Arabs we are helping all people by moving them from the war affected areas and placing them in safe shelters and then helping their businesses, that have been destroyed to get back on their feet.
We also have a youth ministry. It’s a group of youth from 6 or 7 different congregations here in Jerusalem. We have about 40 kids, that we teach what it means to be a believer. We teach them unity, we prepare them for the future. We desire to see those young men and women standing strong for God and displaying what they believe in, being the witness for the future generation, is the most important people here to invest in because this is the future, as I said.
We also have an active help for those who are being persecuted by persecutors. In Israel there is a lot of persecution against believers and it’s our obligation to come along side those who are being persecuted and just love them, hug them, help them to get healed and get back in the battlefield again. We can’t forget those who are being persecuted.
There are many people who are hungry in Israel as the result of the constant conflict, the constant war that is happening. A lot of the budget, the majority of the budget in Israel is going to the security and therefore many people are hungry. There are also a lot of immigrants who came to Israel from different countries around the world and they are being hungry and we help them. Yeshua said to feed the poor and I don’t want to be one of the people who hears the words, “I was hungry and you didn’t feed Me.” This is who we are, we are here to bring the hope of the Messiah back home, back to Israel and I want to invite you to partner with us in that effort.
Thank you and shalom from Jerusalem.