Rose Klein, ‘Longing for salvation’

Rose KleinI was born in Hungary and my parents were very devout orthodox Jews. They taught me how to pray and explained to me the meaning of the Jewish traditions. We lived among the Gentiles, but my mother never allowed me to play with their children because they served Yeshua and we had nothing to do with him. She even forbade me to ever speak out His name. I was taken to synagogue every shabbat, but I didn’t like going there because I didn’t understand what was going on. I had to sit next to my mother on the balcony for women and girls. Furthermore, I didn’t receive any education, because the Jewish school was only for boys. That is why most Jewish women hardly know anything of the Old Testament and just follow the traditions of their mothers.


During World War I came into contact with communists in Budapest. They believed that there is no God and that all people are equal. Since Judaism could not satisfy me, I guessed that they were right and I became a communist.

When my father died, I was six years old. A few years later my mother left for America leaving me behind. When I was twenty-one, I joined her as she insisted to. Out of love and respect for my mother, I kept it a secret that I had become a communist. I joined her when she went to the synagogue, but everything there seemed so empty for me. The ceremonies and prayers, the sermon of the rabbi, nothing could impress me.

Spiritual need

I married a Jewish man and I expected that we would be very happy. However, we often felt very unsatisfied and had no peace. We went to the synagogue but could not find, spiritually, what we searched for. Communism didn’t satisfy us at all. My husband became so restless that he never could stay long at home. We felt very low even though we had a beautiful house and my husband earned a good living. We often had arguments over trivial issues as a result of our spiritual need.
One day a believing friend visited me and I told her about our difficulties. To this she replied, “My dear friend, you need Yeshua. Do you have a Bible in your home?” I didn’t understand what she meant. We Jews only know a prayer book so she showed me her Bible and explained that it consisted of an Old and New Testament. It was the first time of my life that I saw a Bible and I desired so much to read this Book that she left it behind for me.

Salvation received

With avid desire I started reading the Bible, but I could not understand why she had told me that I needed Yeshua, for He belonged to the Gentiles. A few days later she returned with a few Jewish people who told me that they had received Yeshua as their Saviour and how happy they were now. At that moment, however, I could not see what they meant. A Jewish brother then took me to some meetings where they explained, from the Tenach, that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel. He also brought me to the Hebrew-Messianic synagogue. It surprised me that there were so many Jews who testified that they belonged to Yeshua. Dr. Michelson was the speaker that day and he explained so clearly that Yeshua is our promised Messiah that I was deeply moved and came to the conclusion, “Yeshua is the One to whom we Jews long for so much.” Without Dr. Michelson knowing me, he addressed me at the end of the sermon and said, “Dear sister, would you like to accept Yeshua as your Saviour?” With tears in my eyes I said, “Yes!” Then he prayed for me with a few others and as we kneeled down, I gave myself over to Yeshua. I confessed to Him my sins and I experienced that in His grace He forgave me. He cleansed me with His precious blood.

Also my husband

It was rather late when I arrived home and my husband was already asleep. I was so happy that I couldn’t keep the good news till the following day. So I woke him up and told him, “Do you know what happened? I came to know that Yeshua is really the Jewish Messiah!” He looked at me as if he had lost my mind and shouted angrily, “You know that we are Jews and I do not want to hear anything about Yeshua!” The next morning my husband reproached me that I disturbed his sleep and he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I sought my refuge in prayer and asked the Lord to save my husband, who needed Yeshua so much in his restlessness and dissatisfaction. I was so happy when a few days later he too went to see Dr. Michelson to ask all his questions. Finally he surrendered to the G-d’s voice and accepted Yeshua as his Saviour.

Unspeakable joy

My husband and I were baptised on Easter Day. It was the happiest day of our lives. It was so wonderful to testify of the change in our lives to the many Jews and non-Jews who were present. My husband and I felt the closeness of the Lord more than ever. We had searched everywhere and every time it had ended in disappointment! How different it had become when Yeshua came into my heart. No words can describe the unspeakable joy with which He filled my soul. Now I can rest in the eternal arms of my Redeemer. In the past I hated Yeshua, now I love Him and want to go with Him as His faithful disciple.

Source: From Darkness into Light. Biography of Arthur U. Michelson. Arthur U. Michelson.