Rose Price, ‘That Jew died for you’

Rose Price, one of the few of her family, survived the hell of the concentration camps of the Second World War. Every time she was beaten, the guard told her, “Jesus told us to hit you. Jesus hates you.” This brought her to the conclusion that it was Jesus who murdered her family, but when she started studying the Bible to find out who He is, she discovered the opposite. Jesus just died for her.

Subtitles from youtube video

Life in the camps, how can you describe a hell? Well, we would work from dark to dark. We would get up, it was dark, we would go to be counted first. We would have to line up five deep and as long as there are people. My mother and the rest of the family were murdered in Treblinka. I was in three camps in Poland and three camps in Germany. The beatings were constantly, it’s all Jesus’ fault. Every time we were hit, the guard would tell us, “Jesus told us to hit you. Jesus hates you.” I was raised that God is everything. God in the morning, God at noon and God at night and one day I took a look around where I was, in 1941 or ‘42 and I said, “There is no God. My mother lied.”

Well, what it was like to get out of the camps? At first we didn’t believe it and then somebody came up with an idea of getting even. This person didn’t have to repeat. I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to kill Jesus. So where does Jesus live? In a church. So what are you gonna do with a church? You gonna burn it down. If you burn down the church, Jesus cannot live there anymore, He is dead. We had so much hate and when we came back to the group, we reunited. I took my sister’s hand and I said, “It is time to go home.”

After a while my sister had married and gone to Israel and I was gonna follow her. And then I wound up in America through circumstances and shortly after I came, a met my husband and we got married. I was blessed with children and many things happened. And one day my oldest daughter comes home and she says: “Mummy, mummy, mummy, I believe in Jesus Christ, He is the Jewish Messiah.”

I just couldn’t, I just couldn’t see it. The same Jesus who killed my family, who put me in a concentration camp, who they experimented on, they beat and they killed. How can you believe in that? How can you believe in a God? I threw out my daughter because she believed in Him and I sent my husband into that house and he became a believer. He didn’t want go to the synagogue with me even though I had the best seats, he believed. Just to be a peaceful, loving house, Jesus comes in and there is a war. I said, “I’m gonna teach them a lesson, I’m gonna find the killer Jesus.” I went down the basement and I locked myself in. I looked in my Bible, now I knew in my Bible, the one the rabbi gave me, there is no Jesus in there. So I put it aside. I picked up my daughter’s Bible and I start reading it and reading it and reading it and I started again to read it, because I knew I missed it. I was about four, five days in that basement. I didn’t do housework, I didn’t do cooking, I didn’t do cleaning, nobody was allowed to come near me. I was a tyrant, I was a tyrant as it is, but I was really a tyrant at that time.

After reading it so many days, I just couldn’t find any more excuses. I noticed that He was the lamb, not the lion and He didn’t kill me. He didn’t put me in a camp, He didn’t kill my family. He died for me, did you know that? He died for me. He loved me this much, that He gave Himself for me. I didn’t convert, I am Jewish you see. I found the God of Israel and to His glory I serve Him. Pick up your own Bible, there are 328 prophecies from Genesis to Malachi. In the Hebrew Scriptures it is from Genesis to Chronicles. There are so many prophecies of coming of the suffering servant. Read it, just read it and come to your own conclusion who am I talking about.